Advantages of FIRST Heating Infrared Panels

Low investment costs with continual energy savings
Simple installation / zero maintenance
Solid-state heaters with a long product lifetime
Multifunctional use – suitable for both residential or commercial environments
Large stock of panels available
Quick deliveries within Europe
5-year warranty


Controlled with a proprietary wireless thermostat that monitors temperature by 0,1°C
One wireless thermostat can control up to 10 panels
Nearly 100% of the supplied electrical energy is converted into heat
CE and GOST-R certificates, EC-Declaration of Conformity


Reduces dampness, humidity and mold
Relieves allergies due to less air movement
Noise and odor free


User-friendly thermostat with an easy to read display
Flat design available in different dimensions, surface and frame colors or illustrations
One thermostat can control up to 10 panels
Mounting template and installation hardware included


A living environment as comfortable as a warm summer’s day. Where the temperature is constant; no nasty highs or lows. Imagine an underfloor heating system designed by Cosmotherm.

The purchase of a new heating system is an important decision, whether it is intended for a new home, building renovation, office furnishing, or as a supplement to a conventional heating system. It is our goal to provide the public with healthy, clean home heating equipment that continually saves money on heating bills and installation/maintenance costs.

FIRST Heating focuses on the development, manufacture and distribution of electric infrared heating panels that are noted for their quality, workmanship, and exceptional heating properties. We listen faithfully to our customers to meet their requirements, while continually integrating new technologies with our existing products.

Our glass heaters are manufactured in Prostejov, Czech Republic using components that are manufactured in Germany and other European countries. A number of engineers, designers and technicians work with us who follow the latest trends in heating equipment.

Infrared Heating
Infrared heating panels manufactured by FIRST Heating s.r.o. are a modern, economical heating system for homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, and catering and production facilities.

Much like traditional tiled stoves, FIRST HEATING infrared panels produce radiant heat that first warms the objects present in an area and then the air to create pleasant warmth and comfort in the interior.

Radiant heating does not require costly air circulation, which is the principle of standard heating systems. Reduced air circulation helps to maintain a cleaner, dust-free environment that is especially appreciated by those suffering from allergies.

The effects of radiant heating also contribute to increased thermal comfort. One of these effects is the possibility to heat a room to a temperature of about 2°C lower than when using standard heating, yet maintaining the same comfort level. This in itself brings about heating cost savings.

The very core of our infrared panels is a unique silicone heating foil with outstanding thermal properties made in Germany exclusively for FIRST HEATING. The foil lifetime is 30 years.

Special control software called FIRST (Far Infrared Saving Technology) is the „brain“ of the FIRST Heating system and is trademarked under the brand name “FIRST”.

 The main advantages of infrared heating panels:

Sustained energy savings
Safe technology
Flexible, modern design
Affordable pricing
Easy installation without substantial interior modifications Intuitive control
Spatial flexibility
Five-year warranty

Maintenance-free operation